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Travelit of Centro Viaggi Group Srl sells Tourist Packages with general services given in Italy or Abroad, in conformity to the text established according to D. L. N° 1087 27/12/77, with the ratification and enactment of the International Convention, relating to the Travel Agreement (CVV) signed in Brussels on April 23, 1970, according also to the D. L. N° 206 6/9/2005 (art. 82 – 100) and its later modification.



The tourist packages of the web site , principal subject of this agreement, are organized by the Centro Viaggi Group Srl Operator – Via Matteotti, 1 – 50058 Signa (Firenze) – Province Authorization N° 569 of May 05, 1999. Mondial Assistance Insurance Policy n° 161100



In this specific agreement we are composed of:

a)       Travel organizer: the person who combines the elements of the following art. N° 4 and has to create tourist packages for someone else. The price of the package will be the total amount of the single prices of the different services.

b)       Seller: the person who sells or has to make tourist packages for someone else, realised in conformity with the following Art. N° 4. The price of the package will be the total amount of the single prices of the different services.

c)       Consumer of a Tourist Package: the buyer of a tourist package, or every person, also a nominated one, who fulfills all the required conditions for the use of the service, on his behalf the principal agreement signer has to buy the tourist package, without renumaration.



With Tourist Package we mean: Travel packages, holidays packages or all inclusive packages result of a combination of, at least, 2 of the following elements, sold or offered at a certain price (the total amount of the single prices), and 24 hours longer, that is more than one night of accomodation:

a)       transfer

b)       accomodation

c)       accessories tourist services (important part for the realisation of a tourist package according to the Art. 84 Cod. Cons).

The buyer has to receive a copy of the Agreement (in conformity with the Art. 85-86 Cod. Cons.) This document guarantees the access to the Guarantee Fund according to the following art. N° 20.



The organizer has to prepare in a catalogue or in a different programme, tailor made on request, a technical file. The necessary information that has to be inserted in the file, or that needs to be asked for on request is: the codes of the administrative authorization or the organizer D. I. A., the codes of the civil responsability insurance policy, period of validity of the catalogue and of the different programme; conditions and modality of substitution of the traveller (Art. 89 Cod. Cons.) ; standards of travel price upgrade (Art. 90 Cod. Cons.).

The organizer will give all the information regarding the accomodation, flight schedule and accessories services in conformity with the deadline as indicated in Art. 11 of Reg. CE 2111/2005.



The reservation request should be sent via the designated contract form, also via e-mail. The form should be filled out and signed by the client, who will receive a copy of it.

The reservation will be finished and the contract conlcuded only when the organizer sends the relative confirmation, also via e-mail, to the single client or to the seller travel agency. The Tourist package information not found in the agreement form, in the brochure or in any other written communication will be given by the organizer in conformity with the Art. 87, point 2 Cod. Cons., before the beginning of the trip.


The required services should be confirmed with a non-refundable deposit, equal to the 25% of the total amount of the price of the services + administrative costs. The rest should be paid 30 days before the beginning of the trip. There is an exception for the reservations made within 30 days before the beginning of the trip, in this case the client should have to pay the total amount of the price at the moment of the confirmation. The failed payment, in conformity with the deadline here above, will imply the cancellation of the services.



The price of the tourist package is specified in the agreement, with reference to the indications found in the catalogue or out of it, or in any other type of upgrade. The price could change within 20 days before the beginning of the travel and only according to:

-          transportation costs, including unforseen fuel increases.

-          General taxes such as flight tax, landing or boarding tax both in airports or in seaports

-          Currency variation

For the cost of this price variation we will refer to the currency at the moment of the pubblication of the programme according to the technical file of the catalogue which is the date written in the abovementioned upgrade.

The small currency variation will affect the total amount of the price of the Tourist Package in conformity with the percentage expressely indicated in the technical schedule of the catalogue or of the different tailor made programmes.



Before the departure the organizer or the seller that should change significantly one or more agreement elements has to communicate it immediately to the consumer, indicating the specific change and the cost variation. If the consumer does not accept the change he could choose between the restitution of the total amount paid or benefit of another tourist package in conformity to the points 2 and 3 of art. 10.

The consumer can benefit from these options also in case of a cancellation caused by an absence of minimum number of participants needed. Also in cases od dire circumstances, accident etc.

For different types of cancellation other than those above respect those above the organizer that cancels the package will refund to the consumer the double of what he had paid, through the travel agency. In case where the consumer cancels the service he will lose the entire amount of what he had paid.




The consumer could rescind the agreement without any penalty only in the following cases:

-          increase of the price of the package as in the above art. 7, if the price increases more than 10% of the original price.

-          change of one or more element of the agreement, considered to be essential for the use of the package, and offered by the organizer after the confirmation of the agreement but before the departure.


The consumer according to the above case can:

-          benefit from an alternative package without any increase of price or with the refund of the surplus if the second package is less expensive then the first one.

-          have the restitution of the price already paid within 7 work days from the date of the refund request.

The consumer should communicate his decision (accepting the change or not) within 2 work days from the date of the change or of the news of the increase.

Without any consumer communication within the above deadline, the organizer proposal is considered accepted. If the consumer cancels the agreement before the departure for any reasons other than those listed above would have to pay – independently of the deposit of the above art. 7 – the price of the overheads and the following penalties:

-          25% of the amount of the total cost if the cancellation is communicated within 30 days before the departure;

-          50% of the amount of the total cost if the cancellation is communicated within 21 days before the departure;

-          75% of the amount of the total cost if the cancellation is communicated within 7 days before the departure;

-          no refund after the above deadines.



If after the departure the organizer can not offer for any reason, except those of the consumer, some service, he should find alternative proposals without any surplus for the  consumer and if the new service offered is lower priced then the planned one, the organizer should refund the consumer. If any alternative is possible or refused by the consumer, for valid reasons, the organizer will provide without any surplus a transfer back to the place of departure or to another planned place, in conformity with the availability of transportation and places. The organizer will also refund the consumer the difference between the cost of the total amount of the services planned and that of the services used till the earlier return.



The consumer can be substituted by another person if:

a)       the organizer has to receive a written communication at least 4 workdays before the departure with the name and general data of the new consumer and the reason why the first consumer can not participate.

b)       The new consumer should fulfill all the required conditions for the use of the service (in conformity with the ex art. 89 Cod. Cons.). The new consumer has also to check the expiry date of his passport, visa and health insurance.

c)       Other services can be added after the substitution.

d)       The new consumer has to pay to the organizer the additional costs needed for the substitution, communicated by the organizer before the confirmation of the substitution.

Both the first and the new consumer are responsible for the payment of the total amount of the price of the package + the surplus as in above point “d”.



During the agreement transaction and before the agreement confirmation the Italian citizen will receive written updated information about the health obligation and the documents required. The foreign citizen will find the equivalent requirements and needed documents through their Embassies located in Italy or/and through the web and informative official channels.

In each case the consumer will provide before the departure the validity of their documents in order to have everything conforming to the rules before the departure. The organizer will not be responsible for the lack of this verification that might cause the failed departure of one or more consumers.

Then in order to control the health situation and security of the destination country, the consumer should find the official general information at the Foreign Ministry that will give advice regarding personal safety for that particular destination.

The consumer should also observe the standard rules of prudence and care and the laws in operation in the destination country.

The consumer has to take care of the information given by the organizer and to the administrative and  legislative rules related to the tourist package.

The consumer will be responsible for all the damages caused by the non observance of the above obligations that the organizer and/or the seller may suffer. If the damage is caused by a third person the consumer has to collaborate with the organizer giving all the information, documents or other useful elements to the organizer.

The consumer will also communicate to the organizer, at the moment of reservation, all the specific requests that may be considered as a variation on the planned travel, in conformity with the possibility of arranging the said variation.

The consumer should always inform the organizer or/and the seller of personal peculiar necessities (pregnancy, allergies, disabilities, etc...) and he has to specify explicitly the request of all the related services.


The official classification of the accomodation/hotels category is given in a catalogue or in another brochure, only in conformity with the formal indication of the Country Authorities in which the service is settled.

Without formal classification the organizer has to indicate in the catalogue or in a depliant a personal description of the hotel in order to help the consumer with a personal evaluation and consecutive confirmation.



The organizer is responsible for the damage suffered by the consumer when the services established in the agreement are partially or totally unfulfilled. The organizer is responsible in both cases if he had personally given those above services or if the cateres was a third person. There will be an exception if the organizer can prove that the damage was originated personally by the consumer during the development of the tourist services, or when the damage was originated by an unforeseen circumstance that the organizer could not have solved or predicted.

The agency channel for the tourist package reservation is not responsible for the travel organizer’s obligations, he is responsible exclusively for the current regulations.



The damage refund can not be more then the limits indicated in the art. 94 and 95 of the Cod. Cons.



The organizer has to give assistance to the consumer in conformity with the professional care judgement, according to the personal obligation indicated in the agreement or by law.

The organizer or the seller has no obligation when the wrong execution of the agreement is a fault of the consumer or if it depends on another unforeseen elemant or in cases of dire circumstances, accidents, etc.



The consumer has to communicate promptly to the organizer, his local representative, or to the tour escort, every absent criteria of the agreement development, in order to solve the problem as soon as possible; if this is not done, he will not be able to contest the non-fullfilment of the agreement.

The consumer has also to send a written complaint via registered mail with a delivery notification to the organizer or to the seller within 10 work days since the date of returne of the consumer.



If not included in the package price it is possible and advisable to stipulate, at the moment of the reservation, in the office of the organizer or in one of the sellers, a special insurance policy that will cover the package cancellation, accident and lost luggage costs. It could be possible stipulate an assistance agreement for the repatriation cost in case of accident or disease and in case of dire circumstances, etc.


The Guarantee National Fund, (Art. 100 Cod. Cons.) created for the tutelage of the consumer who owns an agreement, in case of insolvency or declared bankruptcy of the seller or of the organazer, provides:

-          refund of the price paid

-          repatriation where applicable

The Fund has to assure promt money access in case of a tourist’s premature or forced return from non-EU countries and in emergency cases in which the organizer will be considered directly responsible.

The Fund destribution procedure is decided in conformity with the administrative order of the President of the Council Members of July 23rd, 1999, N° 349.







The Service offered in each agreement, is offered individually and must not be considered as a tourist package, eg. transfer or accomodation, or other single services. These are ordered in conformity with the following CVV dispositions: art. 1 N° 3 and 6, artt. From 17 to 23, artt. From 24 to 31.



The following tourist package agreement clauses have to be added to the above one: art. 6 point 1; art 7 point 2, art. 13, art. 19.

Even if those tourist package agreement clauses have to be added it does not mean that the General Agreement Condition of the Single Services will change its denomination.

The terminology of the above clauses, related to the Tourist Package Agreement, has to be interpreted in reference to the equivalent figures of the single tourist services agreement.



In conformity with the Art. 17 point 1 of Law N° 38, February 6th, 2006 we have to communicate that the law punishes with detention all the crimes related with prostitution and juvenile pornography, even if committed abroad.





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