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The Maurizio Centro Viaggi Agency, which is based in Signa has been operating in the tourism industry for over 10 years. The experience gained in the sector, together with a knowledge of the area in which it operates and the passion to value the area itself, have allowed the agency to focus on incoming tourism with great competence.

The communication tool we have chosen for our purpose is the portal www.travelit.it, in order to immediately enter into contact with the client to guarantee a direct relationship between offer and demand!

Unlike some of our competitors, we have devised a way of presenting our offer by focusing on the emotional aspect and have designed our website by dividing it according to the 5 senses: taste, smell, sight, touch, and hearing.

Those wanting to discover the senses of taste and smell will find themselves immersed in the flavours of local areas, where typical Tuscan and Italian food thrive.
From DOP oil (the Italian equivalent of the Denomination of Protected Origin) to a Florentine T-bone steak, from DOCG wine (Denomination of Protected and Garanted Origin) produced in the Chianti area to DOP Pecorino from Pienza, this is a wonderful journey of taste and tradition.

Those who want to explore the routes of sight and hearing will discover a beautiful side of Tuscany made of art and nature, but also adventure and fun, if you choose to follow one of our no limits routes. From traditional destinations to new ones, Italy reveals itself in all its glory: from Pisa to Florence, from Siena’s splendid heritage to the magical atmosphere of the Valdorcia, an unforgettable experience that also includes great occasions to enjoy good music. The sense of touch leads us instead in a world of well-being and relax, where the need to relax is combined with the need to take time for yourself: massages, spas, therapies for the body and for the mind.

Finally, with a visit to our news area you can browse through our holiday packages dedicated to local festivals, folkloristic events, cultural and traditional events, current and future exhibitions, as well our offers for set times of the year, such as Christmas and Easter holidays and long weekends.

Tuscany: health & beauty or adventure travel, spiritual or horse riding holidays...
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